Why choose DAFA TOTAL ?

DAFA TOTAL presentation

DAFA TOTAL is the new diesel delivery service, fully managed by Total Liban. Our fleet is equipped with electronic meters to ensure a precise and accurate delivery. Thanks to the professional team, the premium service and the product quality, DAFA TOTAL provides a first-rate service that everyone trusts!

  • Warm welcome: Our DAFA TOTAL team is always ready to answer all your questions and assist you in your diesel orders.
  • On time delivery: We are committed to process your orders promptly. We set with you a delivery deadline and we make every effort to respect the schedule.


  • Reliable delivery: Our vehicles are equipped with programmable digital meters that guarantee accurate distribution in accordance with your order. Upon product delivery, you receive instantly a detailed printed receipt.
  • Professional service: Our DAFA TOTAL team invests all efforts in order to ensure a first-rate service and a better management of your energy budget.
  • Premium quality products: Imported from the refineries of Total group, our product has a reduced sulfur content that lowers polluting emissions. It is also more energy efficient and extends the life of your equipment.

We are confident that you will put your trust in us!

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