Benefits of TOTAL Effimax

Total Effimax

TOTAL Effimax is the new generation of advanced fuel (Unleaded Effimax 98 and Unleaded Effimax 95) created by Total technological research center. This innovative fuel contains additives that boost the benefits of the fuel in your engine resulting in better performance, reduced consumption engine protection and less poluting emissions.

TOTAL Effimax, first fuel with additives launched in Lebanon, is perfectly adapted to all types of vehicles and can safely be mixed with regular Unleaded 98 fuel or Unleaded 95 in your tank. However, to maximize your engine benefits and performance, it is recommended to use TOTAL Effimax every time you fill up your vehicle.


  • Reduced fuel consumption

Thanks to its components, TOTAL Effimax improves combustion properties of fuels and gives them better performance. TOTAL Effimax reduces your fuel consumption and maintenance costs of your vehicle.

  • Better engine protection

TOTAL Effimax fights against corrosion and improves detergency. It contains synthetic and multifunctional additives specially conceived to remove existing injector deposits, keep the injector nozzles clean and protect the fuel system against corrosion. TOTAL Effimax guarantees a prolonged life to your engine and better drivability.

  • More cleanness

TOTAL Effimax answers environmental challenges. The additives keep your engine cleaner thus, significantly reduce polluting emissions. TOTAL Effimax allows a cleaner driving.

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