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In the fast-paced world of motorsports world, TOTAL Lubricants plays an integral role! Racing is the ultimate laboratory for the development of tomorrow's automobile consumer products, which is why TOTAL is an active motorsports player. We supply race teams and organizers with products and services of exceptional quality. Putting our expertise at the service of drivers, we garantee them optimal protection, reliability and performance for their engines. In this way, our R&D efforts pave the way to the victory lane!


Formula 1
As the pinnacle of motorsports, Formula 1 (F1) must be actively in the search for clean technology and continuous improvement. TOTAL is proud to be a part of F1's effort to uphold its position as a recognized incubator for innovation.
TOTAL's involvment in F1 racing affirms our commitment to making our products even more efficient. our fuel and lubricant R&D teams aim to lap the competition!


World Rally Championships
TOTAL is proud to supply high-performance lubricants to Citroën, powering its cars to regular victories at the World Rally Championships (WRC). We provide the engine oil, transmission oil, and liquid for the hydraulic system, as well as a skilled support crew.
Our engineers are meeting the challenge to develop a lubricant that can produce an oil film just a few microns thick, while still reducing friction for perfect engine performance. Our team frequently analyzes oil samples to ensure that Citroën's WRC DS3 cars are getting the best from our lubricants, whether in the searing heat of Cyprus or the pluging temperatures of Sweden. With only one engine allowed at every other rally, TOTAL's delivery of world-class products - whatever the conditions - is key to the Citroën-Total Team's success.

The Dakar rally
TOTAL has become a premium partner for the Dakar rally, a legendary event at the very peak of the rally-raid sporting pyramis, and one that has become truly international.
Above and beyond fuel supply, TOTAL contributes its support to an incerdible human and sporting adventure enriched by discovery, encounters and unforgettable situations.

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