Motorcycles & Scooters

Your motorcycle has many parts that require lubricants for maintenance: not just the engine and gearbox, but also the brakes, chain and fork. Our TOTAL brand products meet the requirements of daily use for all types of two-wheelers and engines. You'll be sure to find what you need in Total Lubricants' product ranges.

2-stroke or 4-stroke?

In order to choose the right lubricant, it is important to know what type of engine you have. This is because 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines have different lubrication systems, and therefore need different oils.

Lubricants for 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines are different and never interchangeable. That is why TOTAL Lubricants' products for motorcycle engines are separated into two sub-ranges according to these broad categories:



2T : Lubricants for 2-stroke motorcycles and scooters engine

TOTAL SCOOTER 2T is recommended as a lubricant for 2-stroke scooter engines up to 125 cc3. This oil is particularly suited to the demands of urban traffic (stop-and-go) and journeys in rural conditions (intercity), and it is compatible with unleaded fuel. Oil level should comply with the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations.

We have enhanced TOTAL SCOOTER 2T by adding synthetic base oils to provide high protection for the engine and associated components. Its low viscosity and the right solvents make oil and fuel mixing easier. Furthermore, the reduction in exhaust system fouling goes further than required by ISO-L-EGC-/EGD specifications. The oil helps reduce exhaust emissions and has superior detergent properties thanks to the use of solvents and polymers. As a result, this lubricant is fully compliant with the most recent JASO FC specifications.

4T : Lubricants for 4-stroke engines

We recommend TOTAL RACING 4T for high-performance 4-stroke motorcycle engines. It is suitable for all uses in urban traffic, country jaunts and fast travel on highways. This lubricant is compatible with catalytic converters and unleaded fuels.

TOTAL RACING 4T for 4-stroke engines helps your bike's motor, clutch and gearbox maintain both power and performance. We have formulated this multigrade oil to be compliant with the most recent JASO MA2 specifications.

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