ANAC, a Total service



As a professional, wouldn't you like to improve the productivity and competitiveness of your business? Trust us with your in-service oil analysis!

The ANAC diagnosis (acronym of "ANAlysis Compared) makes your oil speak and offers you a unique preventive and corrective maintenance service.

Main benefits of TOTAL ANAC oil analysis:

  • You REDUCE your operating costs
  • You ANTICIPATE and PLAN maintenance operations at the optimal moment
  • You INCREASE the lifespan of your equipment
  • You IMPROVE your equipment reliability and performance
  • You OPTIMISE your oil change frequency

TOTAL ANAC makes the difference !

  • + 4 ,000,000 diagnostics since the start
  • + 200,000 diagnostics / year
  • + 470 ,000 mechanical components monitored
  • + 40 years of experience

TOTAL ANAC experts available all over the world

  • One central European laboratory based in Ertvelde (Belgium) with a very high level of automation
  • 19 languages used for diagnostics
  • A technical contact at your disposal
  • A network of connected laboratories

TOTAL ANAC in Lebanon offers tailored solutions for agriculture, aviation, transport of freight, trucks retailers, urban transport, inland marine and public works.

...Quickly make the right decisions at the right time and have access to analysis reports, at anytime and anywhere you are?

ANAC is accessible online via a secure client extranet but also directly on your Smartphone or tablet pad.

ANAC, the in-service oil analysis by TOTAL

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