Want to fuel up your gifts?

Get your loved ones a rechargeable TOTAL GIFT CARD! Three types of prepaid cards with different amounts (100,000 LBP; 150,000 LBP and 250,000 LBP) are available at the Bonjour convenience stores to those who want to surprise their family or friends with free fuel liters!

This offer is available at the following service stations:

  • TOTAL Arges (Zgharta);
  • TOTAL Bachoura;
  • TOTAL Behssas;
  • TOTAL Beiteddine;
  • TOTAL Bourj Abi Haidar;
  • TOTAL Corniche du Fleuve;
  • TOTAL Camelia (Hazmieh);
  • TOTAL Colline Ain Saade;
  • TOTAL Damour Nord;
  • TOTAL Damour Ouest;
  • TOTAL Deir Al Kamar;
  • TOTAL Dora;
  • TOTAL Dora Sea Side (Dora, route maritime);
  • TOTAL Furn El Chebbak;
  • TOTAL Golf (Ghobeiry);
  • TOTAL Jamhour;
  • TOTAL Jdeideh 1;
  • TOTAL Jdeideh 2;
  • TOTAL Jnah;
  • TOTAL Jounieh;
  • TOTAL Louaizeh;
  • TOTAL Mazraa;
  • TOTAL Medawar;
  • TOTAL Nahr Al Mott;
  • TOTAL Nahr Ibrahim;
  • TOTAL Sin El Fil;
  • TOTAL Tripoli;
  • TOTAL Verdun.

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