Automatic & manual car wash and oil change

Car wash

TOTAL Car wash Care

For car wash, TOTAL service stations ensure you both a high-quality service and a warm welcome.

Car wash

TOTAL offers you a manual car wash as well as an automatic car wash service at certain service stations so that you can benefit from high-quality cleaning products, a professional service and a wide range of programs at different rates.

Car wash with wax

Offer your car a special treat and choose the wash service with wax available at all TOTAL service stations with washing bays and directly managed by the company, for a shimmered and protected car! The wax protects your car from dust so it will always look as clean as new!

Find our wash with wax service

TOTAL Arges TOTAL Deir Al Qamar TOTAL Jounieh
TOTAL Bachoura TOTAL Dora TOTAL Louaizeh
TOTAL Behssas TOTAL Dora Sea Side TOTAL Mazraa
TOTAL Beit El Din TOTAL Furn El Chebbak TOTAL Medawar
TOTAL Borj Abi Haydar TOTAL Golf TOTAL Moussaitbeh
TOTAL Corniche du Fleuve    TOTAL Grand Beyrouth     TOTAL Naccache
TOTAL Camelia TOTAL Jamhour TOTAL Nahr Al Mott
TOTAL Choueifat TOTAL Jdeideh 1 TOTAL Nahr Ibrahim
TOTAL Colline Ain Saade TOTAL Jdeideh 2 TOTAL Tripoli
TOTAL Damour Nord TOTAL Jeita TOTAL Verdun
TOTAL Damour Ouest TOTAL Jnah  

Automatic car wash : your car deserves the TOTAL treatment !

TOTAL service stations provide an automatic car wash service to all those who wish to offer their car a unique washing experience! With soft brushes and biodegradable products, car bodies will maintain their glow and colours. A very important point for the environment: the automatic car wash at TOTAL service stations is equipped with a water-recycling system saving up to 80% of the water consumption.

Find our automatic car wash service at:

TOTAL Amchit                         TOTAL Saida Ouest
TOTAL Camelia Total Baouchrieh 2
TOTAL Jnah Sahyouni Joseph Station
TOTAL Chouayfat TOTAL Damour Ouest
TOTAL Dbayeh TOTAL Dora Sea Side
TOTAL Bachoura TOTAL St Joseph
TOTAL Medawar TOTAL Corniche du Fleuve
TOTAL Jamhour TOTAL Jounieh
TOTAL Golf TOTAL Gardenia
TOTAL Nahr El Mott TOTAL Sin El Fil

Find our wash & go service at:

TOTAL Bachoura TOTAL Jamhour                                                                     
TOTAL Corniche du Fleuve TOTAL Jnah
TOTAL Camelia TOTAL Jounieh
TOTAL Damour Ouest TOTAL Medawar
TOTAL Dora Sea Side TOTAL Nahr El Mott
TOTAL Golf  

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