Oil Change

TOTAL Oil Change

TOTAL service stations provide you with the full package of oil change service: commitments such as high quality TOTAL products, clearly displayed prices, and qualified employees as well as 6 safety checks* free of charge, with no appointment needed.

*Safety checks:

  • Tyres Condition & Pressure
  • Brake Fluid Level
  • Coolant Level
  • Condition of Car Lights
  • Windshield Washer Fluid Level
  • Power-steering Fluid Level

The list below shows the service stations:

Station Sahyouni Total Sin El Fil Total Khaldé
Total Ain Saade  Total Camelia Total Kweikhat 
Total Al Rachid Total Chekka  Total Medawar
Total Amaret Chalhoub  Total Choueifat Total Mreijeh
Total Antélias  Total Damour Ouest Total Nahr Al Mott
Total Arges Total Damour Sud Total Nahr Ibrahim
Total Autoroute Harissa Total Dora Sea Side Total Saida Est
Total Baabda Nord  Total Furn El Chebbak 2 Total Saida Ouest 
Total Ballouneh Total Gardenia Total Tripoli
Total Bchemoun Total Ghazir Total Verdun
Total Behssas Total Golf Total Zouk Mikael
Total Beit Mery Total Jnah  
Total Byblos Total Jounieh

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