Our special offers in our Bonjour shops

Food services

Boutique Total  

Looking for a quick coffee or a tasty snack? Find all you need at Café Bonjour convenience shops at TOTAL service stations.


Just a coffee?
Enjoy the coffee corner, with a tasty coffee and fresh bakeries.


Need a snack?
Get what you need in the shop or enjoy a snack in the Café Bonjour.


Dunkin Donuts  


Need a refreshing drink?

Indulge yourself with our fresh beverages! Beat the heat with our variety of drinks of which the fresh juices – Passion Juice – now available at our Bonjour convenience stores with so many tasty flavors.

Passion Juice is available at TOTAL Achrafieh, TOTAL Dora Sea Side, TOTAL Camelia, TOTAL Damour Nord, TOTAL Damour Ouest, TOTAL Jamhour, TOTAL Jounieh, TOTAL Louaizeh, TOTAL Medawar, TOTAL Nahr El Mott, TOTAL Nahr Ibrahim, TOTAL Sin El Fil and TOTAL Jnah.

The Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks chains also welcome you to the TOTAL Nahr Ibrahim, TOTAL Damour Nord, TOTAL Jounieh, TOTAL Medawar, TOTAL Jnah, TOTAL Dora Sea Side, TOTAL Camelia, TOTAL Damour Ouest, TOTAL Jamhour, TOTAL Achrafieh, TOTAL Louaizeh, TOTAL Naher El Mot,TOTAL Ghazir and TOTAL Amaret Chalhoub service stations and offer you a wide selection of fresh and delicious products.

Dunkin Donuts


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