Solar Energy

Solar Energy  

Accelerating the Solar Energy Transition

Abundant, renewable and clean solar energy is the new era. Total group, with its acquisition of SunPower in 2011 and the recent creation of Total Solar division, has been channeling investments towards the deployment of new production capacity and the development of even more efficient technology in the solar field.

In fact, solar energy is expected to emerge as the primary source of electricity by 2050, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). Solar power – that’s becoming more price competitive – has also witnessed an exceptional strong development; its new capacity hit a high record in 2016 varying between 75 GW and 80 GW.

Total believes in renewable energy and invests in developing new photovoltaic power generation capacity mainly via SunPower with its projects in the United States and Mexico as well as Total Solar which is focused on developing and operating solar power production capacity and is active in South Africa, Japan and Chile.

Expanding the Use of Solar Power at Sites

In the belief that solar energy is the future of power generation, Total is investing at its own sites. Total has begun installing solar solutions at several industrial sites while having also the ambitious objective of equipping 5,000 service stations with solar systems within 5 years. The project includes more than 30% of the world service stations network. It is indeed worth mentioning that for the service stations alone installed capacity will near 200 MW and carbon emissions will be reduced by 100,000 tons annually.

  • 1 ton of CO2 is produced after a distance of 3,578 km traveled by an average passenger vehicle

Zoom: Total Liban

At Total Liban, the solar challenge is also met; we are starting to deploy the Group project in Lebanon and equip our service stations with photovoltaic panels. By the end of 2018, we will be at 12 solar service stations, an ambitious project that will extend to cover our network; it reflects our commitment to address the environmental challenges and welcome our customers in constantly modern and efficient service stations!

TOTAL Medawar: 32% of energy saving

TOTAL Jamhour: 29% of energy saving     

Solar Energy Total Medawar  

Solar Energy Total Jamhour  

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