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An app to keep you on track

Benefit from quick and mobile solutions for your daily needs!

Simply check the Total Liban Smartphone App. locator to identify the nearest TOTAL service station and follow up weekly on the fuel prices variations along with our running promotions.

Forgetting your car reminders will be left behind you!

Keep track of all your car due dates by setting the vehicle taxes, oil change and insurance reminders in Total Liban Smartphone App. and follow up regularly on your personalized dashboard. 

Be the first to know about the latest promotions at nearby service stations!

An ultramodern feature sends you geolocalized messages about killer promotions and deals at the nearest TOTAL service stations. 

Planning a trip is very easy with Total Liban Smartphone App.! 

The App. “Trip Cost” feature helps you calculate, in one click, the cost of any set track plus, you can always follow up on your car consumption thanks to the App. “Fuel Consumption” feature.

Download now the Total Liban Smartphone App. from Apple and Google Play stores to benefit from all the App. features and be a happy car driver!

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