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Total specializes in the supply and marketing of kerosene fuels for turbines and AVGAS aviation fuels. Worldwide, Total supplies 280 airlines through 300 airports.

Strategic partner of the IATA organization, Total’s customer base has expanded over the years: major airlines, airports, military airports, the aerospace industry, businesses and general aviation. Everyone receives a personalized service offer adapted to their needs. Total fuels are manufactured in accordance with the strictest quality control and the most stringent international standards. As a founding member of the JIG (Joint Inspection Group), Total participates in the development of industrial standards.

Our Products

Aviation Fuels

The standards for the production of aviation fuels are very strict. When required, and at each stage, from the refinery to the aircraft's tank, fuel quality is monitored by sampling and laboratory analysis to ensure that the fuel meets the required standards when it is delivered to the plane.



JET A-1 is a kerosene-type fuel suitable for most jet aircrafts. This fuel is used for turbojet and turboprop engines. It is also used in general aviation for diesel powered aircrafts.

It meets stringent international requirements, including those of the latest UK standard DEF STAN 91-91, the US ASTM standard D1655, and NATO specification F-35. It has a flash point above 38ºC (100ºF) and a maximum freezing point of -47ºC.

Aircraft Lubricants

With TOTAL AERO and NYCO Aviation products, Total Lubricants offers a complete range for General and Civil Aviation. All of our aerospace lubricants meet international specifications and operate in a wide range of temperatures. Total Lubricants distributes NYCO Aviation products. Safety, performance and simplicity for lubrication.