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Hygiene, Safety, Environment, Quality

Industrial hygiene, employee health and product quality are absolute priorities.




Total Liban commits itself to protecting people and goods against all sorts of accidents and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment as required by good management practices.

We carry out an annual medical check-up for all employees and hold specific training regarding aspects related to health.

Total's goden rules. Safety at work



Safety is a priority in all our activities. Total Liban applies a safety management system certified by an international body.

To give a new impetus to the safety culture and involve all of the employees, Total group established the 12 Golden rules in order to avoid work related accidents. Furthermore, the safety campaign featured by a triple signature “Safety, for me, for you, for all”, aimed at creating a sense of responsibility among individuals, and it has been replicated at Total Liban as well as across all of the Group's subsidiaries.

Total commitment to safety


12 Golden Rules

Total's environment care



Prevention is a key component of environment risk management. It is illustrated by processes selection with assessment of their environmental impact, the design of safe and performing equipment, regular maintenance of installations, use of control and surveillance equipment and the application of strict transportation standards, which minimize the risk of accidents.

Total Liban is ISO 14001 certified for its environmental management system. Being the only oil and gas company in Lebanon certified according to ISO 14001 standards, Total Liban works continually to anticipate risks and protect the environment. Total Liban oil spill emergency plan aims at anticipating potential sea pollution, by identifying all scenarios and implementing necessary anti-pollution equipment.

Total's quality van



Product and service quality is the foundation of our leadership in the market. We constantly control the compliance with our procedures, rules and standards.

Total Liban is ISO 9001 certified and has implemented two mobile laboratories for quality control of products at the service stations; these laboratories are managed by an independent body, Apave.