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At the Total Research Center in Solaise, every effort is made to ensure that fuels meet the needs of our customers and are at the forefront of innovation:

  • The researchers’ expertise and know-how in molecular analysis are key elements.
  • Engineers' skills (mechanics and combustion) and tribology experts (friction science) contribute to the development of high-performance products.
  • Partnerships with car and truck manufacturers allow us to be at the heart of the innovations revolving around engines.
Stages at the storage warehouse and the loading station

Total regularly checks the quality of fuels in its warehouses.

  • The tanker truck has multiple compartments and can supply multiple gas stations with different products.


Delivery at TOTAL gas stations
  • The tanker truck, equipped with several compartments, will distribute in the TOTAL gas station TOTAL specific fuels.
  • Quality checks are regularly carried out at the gas station to ensure the level of performance required by Total.

A mobile laboratory for products quality control at gas stations, managed by an independent organization, Apave is set up to ensure the conformity of the products sold to the end customer