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Efficient Lubrication Solutions for all your Equipment

In the industrial sector, the availability and performance of the equipment are the keys to profitability. The lubricant quality has a significant impact on these two tables. TOTAL Lubricants, designed in collaboration with leading manufacturers in the industrial sector, guarantee high performance of your equipment.

Our wide range of oils and fats covers all industrial applications:




Metal work






Because every industry has its production constraints, we design products tailored to your environment. TOTAL Lubricants are oils and fats designed for all stages of production in each industry.

We share with you our expertise in lubrication by offering services to optimize the productivity of your equipment and to reduce your maintenance costs. The quality of the used lubricants is a sure way to get to the target, but it is not enough.

We propose two complementary tools that will help you optimize the performance and profitability of your manufacturing facilities, in a cheaper way:

Training your teams and introducing them to lubrication: to know how to use our industrial lubricants because this guarantees the performance and security of your facilities, protects the “health” of your operators and reduces the risk of pollution.

The analysis program of oil in service: a regular monitoring of the status of your machine allows you to anticipate and diagnose anomalies and therefore avoid unexpected and costly production line stops.