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adblue product

The AdBlue® is an aqueous solution composed of 32,5% of urea and 67,5% of demineralized water. AdBlue ® is used by vehicles equipped with the SCR technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction), such as heavy duty, buses and even garbage trucks. Its use allows the transformation of 85% of pollutants (oxides of nitrogen, called NOx) into steam and harmless nitrogen.

The extras:

  • A product of quality, rigorously controlled on the production and delivery line.
  • Delivery and tailored logistics, anywhere in Lebanon, for bulk supply.
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Racing fuels

Our teams of engineers and technicians develop customized fuels designed to meet the specific requirements of high level racing.

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At the cutting edge of innovation, we have developed unique expertise to deliver highly technical products that are efficient in many applications.



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